Things couldn't be going better for the "Stand Ups for the Troops" comedy tour.  We kick off the run on July 13 at Coconuts Comedy Club in St. Pete Beach.  We are excited about the tour.  Johnny Mac and I will not only being doing the comedy show, but will also be visiting at veterans hospitals and clinics along the way.  We decided we'd really live on the edge and we'll be doing video blogs, tweeting, and four square on the entire tour.  Time to show the world the really funny side of comedy.  I tried to make him promise not to film me sleeping and drooling in the car or eating crappy food in the car, or cursing drivers in our way, but Johnny said we're gonna film the good, the bad, and me in our natural habitat.  We may even put a sign on the car to let folks know what we are doing.  I am proud of the clubs and comics that have stepped up to support a worthy cause.  check out and click on the events tab to see our schedule.  All the comedy shows will be PG rated, but there is no guarrantee about the video blogs.

This is going to be a great time to dispel any misconceptions that we are living the glamorous life.  If there is anything you'd like to see about life on the road, please send me an email and we'll try to include your requests.

On a sad note I lost a friend this week.  Adrian Hausding was one of my favorite people in the world.  He was so much more than just one of the bartenders in a comedy club.  Adrian had a bright smile and was so funny.  I saw him for the last time just a few weeks ago.  I was doing a fundraiser at the club and although he wasn't working he stopped by.  There are some photos my friends took on my facebook page that day and I am so thankful to have them now.  When I left, I hugged Adrian and said, "I'll see you in September, behave yourself".  I had no idea that in fact, I would not see him in September or ever again.  My hope is that maybe we learn that tomorrow isn't promised and everyday could be your last.  No regrets from now on.  Rest In Peace Adrian and thank you for all the smiles!