What do you mean I need to twitter?  Just when I think I have the whole social networking thing down, someone wants me to add something new.  I thought had perfected socializing when I pulled off just 2 glasses of wine at Friday nights cocktail party, but no, now I have to learn to do it on the internet.  I'm told it's very easy and I can do it alone with my computer or cell phone.  Oh there's good news.  Isn't that operating heavy equipment?  I am sure there should be some kind of warning label on both.  At the very least maybe one of those breathalyzer gadgets to prevent you from blogging or dialing while under the influence.  Well,  I may be doing more clean comedy at country clubs and fundraising events, but my computer and cell phone time won't be.  Wish me luck and watch out.  I'll be twittering as soon as my kid can explain to me what it is and what I have to do to get the license.