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Diversity everyday!

Posted by Rene Bray on Monday, April 26, 2010,
I had such a great time last week on the road.  First, Gregory's in Cocoa Beach, FL is such a fun place to do comedy and is one of the longest running one nighters in Florida.  Met a bunch of crazy guys in the navy and also got to spend time with many old friends.  We also got to watch the launch of an Atlas rocket which was the best launch that I had ever seen.  Friday and Saturday night was Comedy at Gypsy Cab Co. in St. Augustine.  The crowds were small but they were great. 

Sunday was ama...
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This week!

Posted by Rene Bray on Tuesday, April 20, 2010, In : Comedy 
This is going to be an interesting week.  Usually I am worried about filling in my free time, but there doesn't seem to be any this week.

Monday, yesterday,  I had the pleasure of taping several episodes of "Latenight  Jacksonville"  with my friend Johnny Mac and Aaron Tucker.  It was so much fun and I got to wear several different outfits which I always enjoy.  I hope this show is a huge hit guys.

Thursday night I am at Gregory's in Cocoa Beach, FL.   It has been a long time since I worked tha...
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