We have finished the first leg of the Stand Ups for the Troops Comedy Tour.  It was a success and we were thrilled to meet many new friends.  I can't thank everyone for their support including not only audience members but club owners and comics who came by to do guest sets.   Then I left Fl and headed for Eau Claire, WI.  This was my first trip to WI and obviously my first time to this club which is always and adventure.  What a wonderful surprise to find the sweetest little bed and breakfast with a wonderful theater attached.  Please take a look at fannyhill.com.  It is the coolest place that I have ever stayed.  Why was it just a one nighter.  On to Bloomington, MN and the Joke Joint Comedy Club.  Joke Joint's new room in Lilydale was cute as all get out and the people were great.  It was a speak easy type place years ago and still has that saloon feel.  If you look at the stained glass windows those cherubs are definitely doing something not G-rated.  This is particularly funny when you consider that a church is going to lease the space for church services on Sunday morning.  Next week I work the other Joke Joint in Bloomington which is right by the Mall of America.  Loving this.

I am using the electronic cigs on this trip.  I don't want to mislead anyone, I have no desire to stop smoking.  I am just trying to make myself more comfortable while traveling and performing and maybe cutting back on smoking.  I didn't want to by some $70  kit until I found out if this worked or not so I bought a $15 disposable electronic cig made by Krave.  It claims to have 500 puffs.  You only take a couple of puffs when you are craving a cig.  For me it is working pretty well, it at least takes the edge off and I can make it through a 45 minute set without wanting to hurt people.  One has lasted me over a week so I'll keep up the experiment.  I bought the disposable at a Love's Truck Stop somewhere in GA.  Please don't give me some speech about smoking damaging my health, I bought the alternative in a truck stop and I am sucking steaming water through a battery.  Obviously I don't give a hoot about my health.  LMAO