This should probably be titled "How to Hire the Right Comedian".  It is easy to hire a comedian. Just do a google search of your city and comedian and you'll probably come up with a hundred youtube videos, websites, and even some agents who book comics.  Pick out a few really great websites, send them an email, give them a price your willing to pay, tell them you want "clean comic".  The comedian will respond that of course they can work "clean", of course they are perfect, and you hire them.  How disappointed are you when the night of your special event the comedian shows up in jeans and t-shirt, uses inappropriate language, and isn't funny?  How could this have gone wrong?


   1).   Comedians will almost always think they are perfect for every show.  They are not.   I have known comics with only a few months of doing comedy tell me that they have booked a corporate or private gig.  I laugh and cry.  Laugh because they are going to suck and cry because now there is a client that will never hire a comedian again.

   2).   A website and and two minute video doesn't a comedian make.

   3).   "Clean Comedy"  is a relative term.  

   4).   A $200 budget will guarantee a $200 comedian but a $1500.00 budget won't guarantee a $1500.00 comedian.

The right comedian will enhance your event and make you look like a hero, but it will take a little work.

    1).  Establish your budget and define what "clean" is to you and your group.
    2).  Ask for and call at least three references that are the same type venue as yours.  If they can't give you those         references then you are the guinea pig. 

    3).   Using a booking agency or booking website doesn't guarantee a good outcome.  Make sure your contract doesn't allow for the bait and switch.

    4).  Get a referral from a friend.  

A comedian is a great addition to most events but only if it is the right comedian.  If you are hiring a comedian for your country club, sales meeting, annual meeting, or corporate event,  plan on doing just a little work and you'll be reaping the rewards.  If you need a referral, email me.  Whether you want to hire me or another comedian, I'll be help you find the right comic for your special event!