I had such a great time last week on the road.  First, Gregory's in Cocoa Beach, FL is such a fun place to do comedy and is one of the longest running one nighters in Florida.  Met a bunch of crazy guys in the navy and also got to spend time with many old friends.  We also got to watch the launch of an Atlas rocket which was the best launch that I had ever seen.  Friday and Saturday night was Comedy at Gypsy Cab Co. in St. Augustine.  The crowds were small but they were great. 

Sunday was amazing.  Johnny Mac and I traveled from St. Augustine to Ft. Myers to do the fundraising event for Donate4Kidz and the global orphan project.  I can't thank Kathryn Blackman, Laugh Inn Comedy Cafe and the entire staff enough for making it such a fun day.  I'll be posting some really great photos later today. 

This week starts on a totally different note.  Over the weekend I received a message from a concerned person about a convicted sex offender who has way too much access to children.  Her fear is that no one seemed to know that this guy has a criminal past which includes some horrific crimes against children.  This week I'll be working to make sure that everyone coming in contact with this guy has his criminal history.  This isn't my first brush with this guy.  Seems he always has a chance to be close to kids.  Looks like there won't be too much funny this week, at least not yet!