Wow, the birthdays seem to be coming more frequently.  This was really a good one for me though.  As I looked back on this last year,  I have made huge strides toward my goal to do comedy in  more country clubs, theatre (or theaters), and corporate events and to expand my message of protecting victims of child sexual assault.   The best part of this year has been connecting with  old friends and finding so many new ones.  The highlights of the last year for me are doing my first ever G-rated show at the Heritage Palms Country Club (which has led to many more of those shows), going back home and doing a benefit for Wilmington High School ( my hometown, where most people remember me as very quiet), and getting to speak to the WHS Marching Band kids during their Orlando trip.  I learned so much this year, so I guess this old dog has learned some new tricks.  Best part,  I, Rene' Bray, still feel like I'm thirty!!!!!!!!