Rene’ Bray never planned to work with child victims of sexual assault. That changed when the man convicted of molested her eleven year old daughter was found working with children just weeks after his release from jail after serving less than two years. That was November of 1995. Rene’ went to a local news station shocked that a man convicted of two lewd acts on a child was now working at a major movie theme park, an indoor playground for children, and would eventually find out that he was also answering private child care ads and volunteering in a local high school.
That day Rene’ Bray became an activist. Realizing she couldn’t change what she didn’t know, Rene’ set out to learn everything possible about sex offenders, child victims and their families. She’s interviewed over a hundred sex offenders and helped hundreds of families through the justice system and beyond.

Rene’ has helped change the laws in several state including the standardized sex offender probation, neighborhood notification, and chemical castration. She’s done local news interviews too numerous to mention as well as national television and radio. A force against the molestation of our children she has appeared on Rolando, ABC’s 20/20, and 60 Minutes. Her message has been delivered on the British Broadcast Network, Japanese news, and CBN. Rene’ has been a guest speaker for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Corrections and has testified before the Florida State Senate and House of Representatives.

She brings now brings the message of survival and prevention to groups throughout the US.

Here is a link to news footage of interviews that I have done from 1995-1997.

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